What Is A Reverse Image Search, and Why It May Be Your New Friend

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Here’s the article GSWS has submitted for the San Diego County Optometric Society February 2017 newsletter (The San Diego View) ‘The Tech Corner’.

By Dave Tuckman from Golden State Web Solutions, Inc. (www.GSWS.com)

 We use search engines all the time to help us find different information we seek. We type in keywords and/or phrases to help describe what we are looking for, and the search engine responds with the most relevant info it has on the requested topic. Imagine just how lost both you and the search engine would be if you didn’t have (or know) what keywords and/or phrases to use?

What if the only thing you had available was a picture?

That’s what a reverse image search is. Instead of providing text words, you upload an image (or provide the website link the image is featured on) into the search engine and it replies with what information it has in relation to the image. Rather than describe this in more detail, it’s best to just experience how it works in action. Google (https://images.google.comclick the camera icon to left of search) and TinEye (https://www.tineye.com) are probably the 2 most popular ones to check out.

One of the more common uses for this feature is trying to track down the history or origin of the photo itself, but its benefits can extend much further. The more creative you can be, the more valuable this resource becomes. To help get your ideas flowing, here’s a few examples how it can be beneficial:

  • You can search/see if your logo, headshot or your products are being used on other websites
  • Perhaps you have a piece of furniture, product or unique item you want to learn more about
  • Perhaps a person you met on social media or dating site you want additional information about
  • Perhaps there’s a business, property, location or vacation spot you want to learn more about
  • Perhaps you are doing a background check on a perspective new employee, intern or tenant

The list of ideas are the limit of your needs and imagination. But hopefully this helps get you started down this path and this resource serves you well.

Got questions, or would like additional information?
You can reach Dave directly at (619-905-4468) or email dave@GSWS.com.