GSWS has been developing websites since 1994. We’ve seen a lot of things come and go over the years, but despite the evolution and changes, the constant over these years is an understanding that each project is as unique as the client themselves. We’ve developed a specific methodology towards development that makes the client’s needs unique, but still follow a proven, adaptable and long-term approach to to ensure it’s success. Below provides an overview into our approach and cost estimating for web development services.

Web projects are quoted for the whole project, and each project quote is based on the amount of work involved. Every project begins with a discovery process, to define the scope of the project. To initiate the discovery process, we offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation to understand the requirements, and in turn will provide you with a quote.

Hourly rate services are provided on an as needed basis. The rate is $125 /hour or available in pre-purchased time blocks of 10 hours. With the purchase of a pre-paid time block, we offer a discount against the standard rate. We track the amount of time available and apply it towards support requests as we receive and address the task.

For examples of websites we’ve developed, check out our client portfolio. For a more detailed analysis on certain clients, take a look at the client case studies we’ve posted.

For more details and/or additional information, please contact us.