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GSWS has the opportunity to write an article ‘The Tech Corner’ in the San Diego County Optometric Society newsletter (The San Diego View). This is our article for October 2016.

By Dave Tuckman from Golden State Web Solutions, Inc. (

Meet Phil. Phil seems like a nice guy and someone easy to get along. Truth is, Phil is not a nice guy. He’s really someone skilled in social engineering and is just telling you what you want to here for his own benefit. He knows how people behave, react emotionally and ultimately want to be trusting of others. Phil will use everything he knows for his own gain – at your peril.

This month’s article covers some of Phil’s different tricks and methods, along with tips so you can better avoid the Phil’s in your life.

    1. PHISING
      This is when Phil sends you emails that try to lure you into providing personal information. The emails look like they are from legitimate organizations, often ones you know. They ordinarily use threats, warnings, or enticements to create a sense of urgency. You’re usually asked to click on a link. If you do, it can lead to a spoofed website. The site looks real enough to trick you into entering personal information.
      This form of phishing targets individuals or companies. The emails appear to be from an entity you know because spear phishers use information they already have about you to create more personalized, real-looking emails
      Very similar to phishing, this is when criminals use automated dialing systems to call or text you with messages intended to trick you into sharing personal information. The message will direct you to a phone number or website that asks you for the information.
      Here’s some tips to help keep Phil at bay:

      1. Never click on links in pop-ups or those in emails and text messages from unknown senders. Be cautious about clicking email and text message links even from known senders.
      2. Don’t trust contact information provided in emails, text messages or pop-ups. Check into its reliability on your own.
      3. Don’t respond to text or automated voice messages on your mobile phone if they are from an unknown or blocked caller.
      4. Know that most legitimate companies and organizations won’t request personal information via email.
      5. Be cautious about downloading email attachments. Ensure you know and trust the sender.

    Got questions, or had a special experience with Phil yourself you can share? Give us a call (619-825-4797) or email (
    We’d love to hear it – and are happy to help best we can – no strings attached.