Service/Upgrade Notification to Ice Warp Email and Barracuda Spam Filtering Service Clients

Service/Upgrade Notification to Ice Warp Email and Barracuda Spam Filtering Service Clients

UPDATE 08/03/2018 6:28am
All services are online and operating properly. The email delivery delay to Microsoft O365 users was resolved last evening and the backlog queue of emails has all ben flushed out. There are no known issues impacting email delivery at present. Thank you again for your patience during this migration.

UPDATE 08/01/2018 7:48pm
While all services are online and operating properly, we identified a delay in emails delivered to Microsoft O365 users. We believe it traces back to the rDNS record issues. We have a support case open with Microsoft and are actively working to resolve. All other services are operating fine. 

UPDATE 07/30/2018 8:15am
All services are online, but we are the rDNS records added are updating very slow with some ISP/providers (notably Yahoo, SBC Global, AOL and others). As this gets updated across the Internet, this will catch up and have things back to normal. 

UPDATE 07/29/2018 2:25pm
As of this time, the spam firewall has been completely replaced/reconfigured and all services are back online. There will be some email delayed due to the time offline and we are working to assist everyone with questions best/fast as we can; but services are back/functional. 

UPDATE 07/29/2018 11:30am
In speaking with technical support at Barracuda, it was recommended we replace the existing spam firewall with a new appliance, then provision, configure and deploy the new firewall. We are working on that as I type and I’ll post updates here soon as we have more information. This is the last known open item in completing the migration. 

UPDATE 07/29/2018 7:47am
Through the evening we’ve brought all the servers back online. However there is still some work to be done on the spam firewall, as it processes email in and out of all the mail servers. We are currently testing as it emails are getting stuck between the servers and the firewall. We are working to solve this. 
I’ll update soon as I have more/specific details. 

UPDATE 07/28/2018 5:58pm
We are currently bringing the first 2 of 6 servers involved in the migration online now. We’ll continue until are completely back online.

For those interested in the steps involved (and cause of delays), here’s a brief description of the overall process, and were we are currently at altogether. Items highlighted in green indicate that particular task has been completed. Items in black remain currently open at time of this update.

  1. All servers shut down, so they can be copied for relocation
  2. All servers copies delivered to new facility
  3. DNS records for 200+ clients updated, directing Internet traffic to new facility
  4. All server copies be imported into new facility infrastructure
  5. All servers be converted from VMWare to Hyper V platform for operation in new facility
  6. Once converted, all servers be brought online, tested and into production in new facility.
    (this is where we are currently bringing the first 2 of 6 back online)

We will update this as additional servers are brought back online, wrapping up the balance of the overall migration. Thank you again for your patience.

UPDATE 07/28/2018 1:04pm
Still working through the process and all is going as planned, just taking longer than originally anticipated. I expect my next post will be more specific on timelines, as more will have been accomplished. I’ll update soon as I have more/specific details. Thank you again for your patience.

UPDATE 07/28/2018 8:53am
The upgrade is still in process, but proceeding along as planned. All data was successfully migrated over last night/early this morning and is currently being converted/imported over. As the conversion/import completes, we’ll begin seeing services being to come back online. We will continue to update as we work through the complete process. Thank you for your patience during the transition. 

To all valued Ice Warp email and Barracuda Spam Filtering Clients,
In our ongoing efforts to best serve clients, we want to make everyone aware of a scheduled maintenance window on July 27, 2018.

At approximately 3:30pm PST on July 27, 2018 we will be upgrading the Ice Warp email and Barracuda Spam Filtering infrastructure we provide. Throughout the process services will be offline. When the upgrade completes, access to service will return to normal. All data (emails, usernames, passwords, etc) will remain the same and intact. We expect services to be back online later the same evening.

We recommend you unplug for a few hours and enjoy the beginning of the weekend while we work on this in the background.

Contact us at with any questions you may have. We are here and happy to help.

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