Eighty-six percent of all websites have at least one serious vulnerability, and most of the time, they contain more than one, according to WhiteHat Security’s “2015 Website Security Statistics Report“.  As of March 2016, Google reports that over 50 million website users have been greeted with some form of warning that websites visited were either trying to steal information or install malicious software. In March 2015, that number was 17 million. Google currently blacklists +/- 20,000 websites a week for malware and another +/- 50,000 a week for phishing.

Having your website hacked is one of the biggest nightmares for any website owner.  After the immediate feeling of vulnerability, all you know is your site is down. Not why, how bad it is or how long a recovery will take – just that it’s down. Traffic plummets and all the energy, effort, time, money and resources invested are brink of being lost entirely. Finding and fixing the problem is hard work, however, not as hard as winning back your audience’s trust or getting your site off spam blacklists.

Situations like these can be avoided, simply by taking some pro-active steps in the monitoring and management of your website.

One way GSWS works to ensure a client’s website security is with Acunetix. The Acunetix vulnerability scanner is one of the leading tools on the market for detecting vulnerabilities.

It’s the tool of choice for customers including the US Army, the US Airforce, Barclays Bank, American Express and more. Acunetix beats competing products in many areas; including speed, support of modern technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript rich web applications, ability to access restricted areas with ease, the most advanced detection of WordPress vulnerabilities and a wide range of reports including those for compliance.

This tool can automate the scanning process for you and your organization and keep you vigilant to vulnerabilities in your website. The relationship between GSWS and Acunetix has grown to the point that we are now Certified Professional Partners with Acunetix, and their Preferred West Coast Reseller.

Run a free, no obligation scan today!  For additional information and current pricing specials/promotions, please contact us.

Our relationship with Acunetix dates back to 2013, when we became both a user and partner/reseller. We’ve spent the past few years learning the product (and industry) inside and out, hands-on in support of our clients and other organizations using it in-house. Fast-forward to today, and we are now one of their largest US partners, primarily serving the western US region. We are Certified Partners and as of January 2017, are accredited as trainers for their product.

We can assist with product demonstrations, training, sales, renewals and upgrades. Give us a call at 619-825-4797 or email at Whether your organization is new to Acunetix or a long-time user, we believe we are your best resource, next to Acuentix themselves! For complete information and online purchasing, please visit our website dedicated to Acunetix here.