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Today’s cyber threats have become more sophisticated and impact thousands of businesses each year. When you’re part of a business that houses valuable data, even the smallest of technical incidents can be disastrous. Statistics show that over 60% of small businesses aren’t properly prepared for the possibility of a breach, and over 80% aren’t aware of the risks they face.

We help businesses identify vulnerabilities, understand the risks involved, and provide a solid road map towards addressing these issues. Some examples of the services we provide include:

A vulnerability assessment is an analysis process to help an organization (of any size) gauge their exposure to cyber threats. As the understanding of cyber risk is becoming better recognized, more and more organizations are wanting to identify their vulnerabilities and compliance requirments. GSWS provides vulnerability assessments to help organizations understand, prioritize and address their risks. Everything begins with a no-pressure conversation, to understand your organization and what it’s greatest concerns are. Contact us with any questions.

If you are in a regulated industry (i.e. healthcare, retail, finance, governmental, etc.), there are compliance regulations an organization must comply with (i.e. HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, etc.). Meeting these statutory regulations is the minimum required and penalties for non-compliance can be severe. Our experts can guide you through the process, ensuring both your organization’s (compliance) success and security.

Penetration Testing Service identifies areas of risk that could impact the confidentiality,integrity and availability of your sensitive information prior to a real attack. Whether in support of a compliance initiative (such as medical record privacy and protection – HIPAA), to meet a statutory requirement, or simply to test the effectiveness of your organization’s defenses, the importance of assessment can’t be underestimated.

Web Application Assessment Service provides organizations with visibility into the security of the web applications that store, transmit, or process their sensitive information. Clients often contract us to assist with software development life cycles, test the security of applications on a regular basis, or simply conduct a web application assessment to meet a compliance requirement. Web Application Assessment will identify vulnerabilities and areas of risk that could impact the security of your web applications.

Mobile Application Assessment service reviews mobile (e.g. smartphone and tablet) applications (custom in-house or commercial “off the shelf” solutions) that have access to, store or transmit your organization’s sensitive information.

Security Awareness Assessment focuses on identifying and validating vulnerabilities associated with your employees’ ability to follow documented policies, procedures and security best practices.

Firewall & Router Configuration Review service includes a thorough review of your organization’s perimeter, internal firewalls, and routers in efforts to identify any areas of risk.

Wireless Security Review includes an analysis of wireless access available at your organization’s designated locations. Our consultants will attempt to identify wireless networks (authorized and unauthorized), conduct a review of your organization’s approved wireless infrastructure and test for vulnerabilities associated with its implementation.

Complimentary Consultations

It’s always important to know where you stand, even more so in Cybersecurity. Too many times, we see or read of an organization that fell prey to a breach due to vulnerabilities they didn’t know existed. If you would like to learn how a fully monitored and managed IT service plan might benefit your organization,  please contact us.  We offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation, and look forward to speaking with you – because we know it’s better to know your risks before someone else takes advantage of them.



    One core service we provide are Managed IT Services. As an organization or company, you depend on computers (and technology) for your data being available and safe.


    For as long as we have been building websites, we have been offering hosting services. What started as simple website hosting and email services has evolved over the years as much as the Internet itself has.


    For as long as we have been building websites, we have been offering hosting services. What started as simple website hosting and email services has evolved over the years as much as the Internet itself has.