Secure, Smart Office (SSO) has Acquired GSWS

Secure, Smart Office (SSO) has Acquired GSWS

San Diego, July 1, 2018

Secure Smart Office (SSO); a leading provider of security-centric IT services and solutions, today announced they have completed the acquisition of GSWS; a well-respected, stalwart, IT service and cyber security provider that has been strongly supporting clients in the San Diego region for 25 years.

All GSWS services, personnel and resources are part of the acquisition; bringing additional services, expertise and manpower to SSO. GSWS Senior leadership will join SSO’s senior leadership team and will remain on-board as part of the long-term organizational strategy. All business, individuals and services will unify and operate under the SSO brand/service identity.

During the acquisition process GSWS personnel will integrate onto the SSO team, and changes will be fully and carefully managed. We don’t anticipate any immediate changes for all of our clients. The transition will take place over the next several months to ensure a smooth process with minimal impact for everyone involved. We will begin reaching out to each client individually, to discuss and answer any questions you may have. During the transition period, GSWS President Dave Tuckman will retain his old email address and will continue to be directly available at or by phone at 619-905-4468. Reach out any time, and he looks forward to speaking with each of you. As we move through the transition period and beyond, Dave can be reached at his new email address of which will serve as his permanent contact point.


  • Two top local technology providers combine for strengthened and expanded services and capabilities portfolio.
  • Decades of knowledge, experience, reputations and relationships in the Information Security and Information Technology sector combine to provide a full suite of Cybersecurity, Compliance, Managed IT, Hosting and Web Development services.

Rusty Sailors, SSO CEO, commented:
“We’re simply delighted to announce today’s acquisition of GSWS, Inc. This is a dove-tail fit with SSO and not only enhances and strengthens our current products and services, but also expands the security-based offerings for our clients. We have strong strategic plans for our combined organization and remain committed to delivering innovative products, excellent support, and strong secured IT expertise to our customers.”

Dave Tuckman, GSWS President and Founder, commented:
“Rusty, Sam and I agreed immediately in philosophy and culture. We discussed the risks facing small and medium size organizations. The more we spoke, the more I realized this was something I wanted to be a part of. I couldn’t be more grateful, appreciative and excited working with this team, to improve the security of our communities and clients’ digital environment.”

Secure Smart Office is founded on the principles of making your office a place you can come home to – a place you and your staff want to be for 8 hours a day. Make 1/3 of your day better with SSO.

Based on the strong principles of solid cyber security, and stable, modern IT solutions, everything SSO does and every client offering is based on security integrated from the ground up. People feel safe when they know they’re secure and feeling safe helps people stay more motivated to come to work. Secure Smart Office provides secured IT services but also designs, secures, and integrates smart controls for your office. Imagine being able to control sound, temperature, lighting, blinds, ionization and oxygen in the air all with the control of your voice or other smart controls – and do so securely. Imagine an office where your staff is more productive, your retention rate is higher, and your clients are more likely to stay with your company. The future of the secure smart office is here and you can realize the office you want, and need, today with SSO.

Golden State Web Solutions, Inc. (GSWS) opened in 1994 as a start-up, internet technology company, offering websites, email, servers and hosting. Fast forward to today; providing cybersecurity and compliance solutions is our primary focus. This simply means if you are our client, our primary focus is on what is most critical to you. This can be security centered, compliance related and/or just the overall way your organization is using technology to improve processes. With our knowledge, skills, certifications and our level of service, clients are ensured solid technical, administrative and management security and compliance solutions for their organization.

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