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Safeguard business data with StorageCraft

Comprehensive backup and recovery, reliable data protection.

Whether you have spilled coffee or a major natural disaster occurs, losing business data can be costly and time-consuming. All too many times, we’ve seen businesses neglect to install proper backup and recovery systems that sets them back big time. That’s why we offer StorageCraft backup software for business peace of mind.

Top four reasons to use StorageCraft

Cross-Platform System Protection
Protect your Windows and Linux systems, whether physical or virtual, with one backup software solution.
Fast Backups
Eliminate the backup window—our software solution makes backing up a swift process that doesn’t interrupt systems or employees.
Fast Recovery
Make recovery fast, easy, and dependable because backups include everything: the operating system, applications, data volumes, and more.
Simple Management
Enjoy simplified backup management from a single console, whether you oversee a few machines or hundreds.

Your data is safe during disaster

Watch this short video to learn more about StorageCraft’s ability to keep your data backed up.