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Within the realm of IT support our preferred platform is providing Managed IT Services, which include complete monitoring, management, backup and support of a client’s IT infrastructure. Managed IT Services allow us to provide pro-active support, detecting problems before they arise and working to prevent them from occurring. For clients preferring an ‘a la carte’ approach towards IT support, we also offer an hourly rate service.

Managed IT Services include everything in exchange for a flat-rate monthly fee. With this plan, we manage your technology, data and infrastructure so you can focus on running your business. For clients interested in this level of service, we begin with a complimentary risk assessment. In that, we look at your current infrastructure and learn your business model, We can advise where you are most at risk and at same time provide you with a quote for services. .

The Break/Fix model is the old-school way of supporting technology (i.e. you call us when it breaks and we come out and fix it). This also works well for client’s with lower overall IT, security, maintenance needs. We can still provide comprehensive service, with a scaled back need for support. The rate for Break/Fix support is $150 /hour, and this is available in time blocks of 10 hours. We track the amount of time available and apply it towards support requests as we receive and address the issue.

Regardless of service plan, all support requests are processed and managed through our online ticketing system. Support requests are tracked as tickets. Each ticket provides times, details and other information relevant to the request. Clients receive this information in their monthly statements and /or can access it anytime via our online portal.


When it comes to technology, security and compliance we are a fountain of knowledge, If we were to all our experience and abilities, this would be a long and boring list. Rather than going that route, we just ask if we can have a quick conversation to discuss your specific situation. Our phone number is 619-825-4797 or email me directly at dave@GSWS.com. We look forward to speaking with you.