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Newsletter - February 2017
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New Employee Alert: Derek Hughes Joins GSWS as Systems Administrator

Derek HughesPlease help us in giving a warm welcome to Mr. Derek Hughes, the newest member of team GSWS. Derek has been hired in the role of Systems Administrator and we are excited to have him come onboard.

Derek joins GSWS "fresh off the fruit stand", as he worked at Apple in Carlsbad for nearly four years. Half of that time was spent as a service technician and the second half as a trainer. In the role of Service Technician, Derek worked to troubleshoot, isolate and resolve various issues connected to the wide array of Apple devices. As trainer, Derek
had the responsibility and opportunity to educate and train thousands of people how to get more out of their technology, and themselves.

It's his special combination of knowledge, experience, outstanding communication skills, and an overall positive personality that made him such a perfect compliment to GSWS from day one. Make sure to say hi when you see him out in the field or chat on the phone.

Derek is Apple Pro Certified in Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, and Motion 5, and Keynote. Additionally, he is COMPTIA Network+ training Certified. When not geeking out on technology, Derek loves to learn, read, and enjoy spending time with his new bride. His favorite ways to unplug are rock climbing, snowboarding, and playing beach volleyball.

Feel free to reach out and say hi to Derek here, or for any additional information, please contact us.


Hack of the Month: Romantik Seehotel Jäegerwirt 4-Star Superior Hotel
Ransomware Hijacks Hotel Smart Keys to Lock Guests Out of their Rooms

A bunch of hackers spoiled several travelers’ trip to the Alps last week when the group used ransomware to attempt to lock guests of the Romantik Seehotel Jägerwir luxury hotel out of their rooms by hijacking the central key management system.

According to English-language European news outlet The Local, people staying at the Austrian hotel couldn’t use their key cards to enter their rooms; it was also not possible to program new key cards. The establishment’s reservation system and the cash desk system were also taken down by the hackers.

All that for a ransom of just 1,500 EUR ($1,605) in Bitcoin. The hotel said it had no choice but to pay up and resolve the issue quickly.

Once it transferred the money, all systems were back up again. However, the hotel reported that the hackers had left a backdoor to allow themselves into its systems again.

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GSWS/ESET Lunch & Learn
Lunch & Learn: Cyber Securing
Your Small Business

Join us for our inaugural Lunch & Learn of 2017!
On February 22nd, from noon until 1pm at Hooley's Irish Restaurant and Pub in Le Mesa.

We will be speaking on cybersecurity threats to small and home businesses aboout what to be aware of, and tips on how you can help protect your assests and organization. Registration is required and a follow up notice with details will be sent out. If you have questions and/or would like to pre-register, please contact us here.
  San Diego County Optometric Society
The San Diego County
Optometric Society

GSWS will be a participating sponsor at the San Diego Optometric Society 5 hour continuing education taking place on Sunday, February 26, at The Handlery Hotel. The event runs from 7:00 am until noon. As a sponsor, GSWS has the opportunity to meet the optometrists, stay updated with specifics in the industry and continue to help best assist we can.

If you have questions and/or would like additional information, please contact us. We are happy to help.


How to Turn an Old iPad Into the Ultimate Kid’s Tablet
January 14, 2017

Free TellyYou’ve got a shiny new iPad, and an old one that’s about to start gathering dust. Don’t let it languish in a drawer—turn it into the ultimate kid’s tablet by cleaning it up, locking it down, and installing kid-friendly apps.

Consider old hardware the hand-me-downs of the digital age. Just like you don’t give them brand new dress clothes to go play in the mud (you give them their older brother’s old clothes), you don’t hand a brand new tablet to a toddler (unless maybe it’s a super cheap Amazon Fire Tablet). Old tablets are the perfect hand-me-down because you’ve already used them (and replaced them), they’ve depreciated in value, and if your kid somehow does your old iPad in, you haven’t lost much.

One big catch, however, is that an iPad is essentially a wide open portal to the greater internet (and world) so you can’t just hand it to a little tyke and hope for the best. You need to make adjustments for their age, ability, and safety. So let’s take a look at how you can take your old iPad and, with kid-friendly case and some free software tweaks, turn it into the ultimate kid’s tablet.

A small note before we proceed: feel free to pick and choose which of the following tips and tweaks you use. Based on the age of the child in question and what they do on the iPad, some of the tips simply won’t apply. We’ve arranged the tips roughly in order of the age of the child with the earliest tips most applicable to the youngest children and the latter tips most applicable to older kids.

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Drone Crash/Fail Compilation

Drone Fails

One gift Santa brought us this year was a drone. The skills for operating one of these properly takes some serious learning. This is a 9 minute compilation video of others having the same 'growing pains' as us. Enjoy!

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