Acunetix Online Announces Major Update

Acuentix has released a major update to Acunetix Online (formerly Acunetix OVS). Acunetix Online now possess all the features and benefits found in Acunetix On Premise, including: Integrated vulnerability management, greater manageability of threats and targets and the integration of popular WAFs and Issue Tracking systems. Acunetix Online also features a brand new UI for greater ease-of-use and manageability.


  • New web-based user interface – focusing on the core functionality of the product, introducing filtering options, and improving manageability of Targets.
  • Business Criticality assigned to Targets and Vulnerabilities – enables customers to immediately identify and address vulnerabilities on critical servers.
  • Integration with WAFs – vulnerabilities can now be exported to any of the supported WAFs (F5 Big-IP ASM, Fortinet FortiWeb and Imperva SecureSphere).
  • Integration with Issue Tracking Systems – supports exporting vulnerabilities to either Atlassian JIRA, GitHub or Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), for greater convenience and time management.
  • Managing Vulnerabilities – with the ability to mark vulnerabilities as False Positive, Fixed or Ignored, users can now get rid of false positives from upcoming scans and reports.
  • Custom Scan Types – users are now able to choose which specific vulnerabilities to scan for.
  • Enhanced Reporting – allows reports to be generated on: Individual or multiple Scans; Individual or multiple Targets; Individual, multiple or all the Vulnerabilities identified by Acunetix; the introduction of a Scan Comparison report.
  • Updated Network Security Scanning – now detect in excess of 50,000 network vulnerabilities.
  • Added functionality for Acunetix Integrators – Acunetix Online now includes an API enabling the integration of Acunetix

Click here for the original Acuentix release, covering the updates in full detail.

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