Yahoo Email Hacked Again, Over 1 Billion Accounts Compromised

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Here’s the article GSWS has submitted for the San Diego County Optometric Society January 2017 newsletter (The San Diego View) ‘The Tech Corner’.

By Dave Tuckman from Golden State Web Solutions, Inc. (

Happy New Year to everyone!
We traditionally start New Year’s articles with technology themed predictions we have for the coming year, then circle back in December to see how silly and off-base these ideas were. That was the plan, at least until 12/14/2016 when Yahoo announced on their email services were hacked again. This marks the 3rd time Yahoo email has been hacked since 2014 and the 2nd time in the last 4 months. The two most recent hacks compromised over 1 Billion accounts. That is a pretty impressive failure.

At this point, Yahoo has come up short in security severely. Severely enough that if you have an active account (either direct with Yahoo of via a partner like AT&T) we recommend getting rid of it. There are better, more secure options available.

Hints and Tips for Yahoo Email Account Owners

  1. Immediately change your account’s password and security questions. Use a password here you don’t use anywhere else (they may get hacked again).
  2. Setup service with a different provider.
  3. Update your Yahoo account to forward to the new email account. This will prevent you from losing emails from people that use the Yahoo address.
  4. Setup an auto-reply in the Yahoo account telling people you have a new address and to please start using that one.
  5. Delete all emails and folders in the current Yahoo account, so no information exists in the account.
  6. Check if you have used your Yahoo password in other sites, and change the password and security questions for those accounts.
  7. If you used a mobile phone number in association with your Yahoo account, and you still use that mobile phone number, then be aware of possible SMS phishing (i.e. Phishing attacks via text).

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please reach to Dave directly at (619-905-4468) or email