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IBM red-faced after handing out infected USB drives

You might get more than you bargained for if you attend a security conference. IBM shocked delegates at the Australian AusCERT conference  in Queensland by handing out USB sticks infected with malware. < Click Here For Full Article >


Google TV Coming This Fall

TV for Google isn't a hobby. It's a new market for the company and for Android developers. TV is converging with the Web. It's the place where $70 billion is spent every year on ads in the U.S. alone.
Google CEO Eric Schmidt showed up at the Google IO developer conference on Thursday with the CEOs of six other major companies to emphasize the seriousness of Google's effort to integrate the Web and television.


Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

Like it or not, Firefox isn't perfect, and the Microsoft folks have done one or two things right with Internet Explorer that Firefox could adapt and improve on, especially in enterprise usage.


Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

This event is a perfect case study to the power of viral web exposure. 108,000 members. 3,096 photos in roughly 30 days. <Click here For Full Article>